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What We Offer

Solar Panel System Repair and Warranty in Michigan / Cardinal Power Systems
Solar Panel System Monitoring and Optimization in Michigan / Cardinal Power Systems
Custom Built Solar Array in Michigan / Cardinal Power Systems / Backup Batteries / EV Charging / Generator


We take care of everything for you from the ideal system design to system start-up


 • Residential / Commercial / Utility scale systems

 • Site Evaluation  

 • Payback Analysis  

 • Project Quote and Tax Incentives 

 • Roof Mount / Ground Mount / Pole Mount

 • Design & Engineering  

 • Permits & Utility Interconnection 

 • System Installation  

 • System Commissioning  

 • Online Energy Production Monitoring 


Include battery backup with your solar installation to protect your home against power outages and make use of your solar system when the grid goes down.

 • Enphase / Tesla / Generac 

 • Supplies power to your home when the grid is down

 • Your solar sytem will generate power during an outage

 • Have a full battery when you know a storm is coming

 • Take advantage of utility time-of-use billing

 • Connect a capable EV for expanded capacity

 • Tax credit eligible  


Know how your solar sytem is performing and keep it operating at its best.


 • Power & Energy monitoring solutions 

 • Whole home energy monitoring 

 • Annual cleaning and hardware checks 

 • In or out-of-warranty equipment replacement

 • System troubleshooting  


  What else can we offer to keep you home powered?

 • Generac propane or natural gas generators

 • EV purchasing advice to take advatage of solar power

 • EV Level 2 charger insatallation 

 • Benefits of an all-electric home 

 • Geothermal or heat pump home heating/cooling

 • Portable power solutions for camping or jobsites


  Take advatage of solar power anywhere or on the move when there is no utility grid nearby.


 • Remote cabins  

 • Detached structures or barns 

 • Water fountains  

 • Pont aerators  

 • Boats & hoists  

 • RV's & campers  

About Us

We are a locally owned Michigan solar company located in Lansing.  We take great pride in designing and installing the highest quality solar systems available, and work to ensure every client receives the maximum possible return on their investment.  From consultations to advanced monitoring, we offer a turn-key solar energy solution.  Cardinal Power Systems is committed to building energy independence in Michigan, and we are confident our power systems will satisfy your performance and quality needs.

Solar Panel Installation on Michigan Farm / Cardinal Power Systems / Agricultural Solar Company

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